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I kind of feel bad Zach. I agree that these speeches are ridiculous and that Amber didn’t deserve to be shamed like that, but Frankie and Derrick are the ones that keep pushing him to do these things. I just wish Zach could see that they don’t care about him and I wish he would turn on them. I also don’t believe that they agree with Caleb on the Amber situation. They are all clearly egging him on. They may be a bunch of assholes, but they know that Caleb is delusional. They’re just doing it to keep Caleb loyal to them.

Why are Christine and Nicole so sure they are going to win BOB? Christine hasn’t won anything and Nicole won a comp that was pretty much luck and the other one was thrown to her. They should just accept the fact that they suck and go home.

I can’t watch this train wreck happen. Dumb Christine. Just go on the block. You haven’t done anything else! And no one cares that you won two of those rounds during the HOH comp because you didn’t win! Zach did! Frankie and Christine claim to be super fans yet Zach, who claims to know nothing, is the only one who seems to know how to get things done!